Welcome to my Galaxy of Re-creations…..a fraction of the Creations of the Ultimate Creator of the Heavens.

We all get our creativity and wisdom and Knowledge from God..who made the Heavens….I am Giving all credit to HIM!  Just like every one else I got myself a job, and realised one day there is no creative thinking for my mind, so quit my job and announced that I am going to be an artist to everyone’s shock including my family. I wandered  to every gallery in my vicinity in Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, Kerala, SriLanka, England and spoke to many Artists and asked them to give me guidance and the unanimous answer I got was ‘keep Painting’ what is there to keep painting when you don’t know the techniques of Painting… I ended up attending a couple of workshops where few artists were  generous to share their knowledge, and I made up my mind that I am going to give to the world what I was denied by few artist.. and teach the kids and adults who had real passion for art!!

Well, there was an other calling to my Life….Teaching Special Needs kids .. to bring out the first sounds and words that make sense… Thanks to God Again for utilising me as a resource for these kids and bringing a smile on a Parent’s face… oh it is such a Joy…

Now I also Work with Neuro typical Kids who are slow in School and needs a Jet start in concepts, reading , loads of behaviour issues and low self confidence…  that as first time parents , who have no clue as to  how to handle these issues hand their kids over to me for few months …end of the Day its a wonderful feeling to know I was there for a child when the child needs me most!